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Product Range - Portable X-ray Generators GIERTH TR80/20

The X-Ray unit for the equine practitioner

The GIERTH TR80/20 features a convincing combination of extremely low weight and optimum handling especially for radiographic examinations of horses. It is quickly ready for use and with the serial DR interface, the X-Ray unit can be connected to any digital system without problems. The GIERTH HF 80/20 comes with a practical transport case.

Short description

  • High – Frequency X-ray unit with full bridge inverter system
  • Only 6.5 kg, max. potential 20 mA at 80 kHz 
  • Serial interface for connection with digital radiography systems
  • Collimator with scale to adjust the size of the light – radiation field
  • Collimator light can be activated via the hand switch
  • Acustic and optical timer signal
  • 5 memory buttons
  • Dual laser pointer
  • Digital display „X-RAY“, „READY“ and „ERROR“
  • Tape measure for film – focal spot distance
  • Aluminium casing
  • Modern design

Techniscal data

Construction: Monobloc – high frequency generator with full bridge inverter system

Inverter frequency

60 kHz
Output: 50 – 80 kV = 20 mA (max.)
Power requirement: 1.2 kVA
X – ray tube: Toshiba D – 0813
Serial interface: for connection with any digital system
Focal spot: 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm

6.5 kg including collimator

Dimensions L x W x H: 310 mm x 180 mm x 175 mm
Total filtration:

3.0 mm Al