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Product Range - Stationary X-ray Systems GIERTH MERS

Stationary Medivet equine radiological system

A new unique system, developed to meet the requirements of handling large animal x-ray examinations. The main priorities during the development were optimum work flow and reliability of the system. The new functionalities of this dual-column stationary x-ray system will give the operators accurate and enjoyable work flow and safe working conditions.

The powerful, high frequency generator provides for the highest quality results of lung or abdominal exposures involving high tissue densities. 

As an installation of a GIERTH MERS is always a tailor-made solution, please contact our sales staff for an on-site visit.

Short description

  • Stationary, dual-column x-ray system
  • Simultaneaous movement of telescopes
  • Ergonomically positioned controls
  • Computerized automatic positioning system
  • Computerized controlled braking system
  • 3-phase generator
  • Quiet movements and low sound braking-system

Technical data


on request

System size:

built to fit the x-ray room – system size of 4 x 5 m and bigger

Compatible with:

DR detector, CR cassettes and analogue film processing