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Product Range - Stationary X-ray Systems GIERTH HF 1000

Stationary dual-column system for equine health centers

The stationary x-ray system GIERTH HF 1000 offers the opportunity to produce high-quality x-ray images of the horse – from the hoof to the head of the animal.

The safe, efficient and user-friendly system can be adapted perfectly to existing x-ray rooms.

The powerful, high frequency generator provides for the highest quality results of lung or abdominal exposures involving high tissue densities. The system can be positioned effortlessly due to parallel moving telescopes and it works very quietly. 

As an installation of a GIERTH HF 1000 is always a tailor-made solution, please contact our sales staff for an on-site visit.

Short description

  • Stationary, dual-column x-ray system
  • Individually adjusted to your clinic
  • Simultaneaous movement of telescopes
  • Collimator with collimator light
  • Acustic and optic signal during exposure
  • 3-phase generator

Technical data


on request

Length of rails:

Longitudinal rails: 440 cm (extension optional)
Transversal bridge: 300 cm (extension optional)

X-ray tube:

CPI – 150 kVp

Focal spot: 0.6 mm x 0.6 mm / 1.2 mm x 1.2 mm