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Special stand for equine clinics

The trolley stand for equine clinics can be used with all GIERTH X-ray units up to 26 kg but was especially made for the GIERTH HF 400 to be used in an equine clinic.The new EQUIMOBIL allows to do x-ray examinations of the complete horse. The height adjustment is done via a crank mechanism and additionally via the spring arm, which is generally adopted to the weight of the X-ray unit.

With the help of the spring arm, the X-ray unit can elegantly and slightly be lifted or lowered on the complete distance of the trolley stand. The height adjustment is continuous.With the EQUIMOBIL equine clinic stand the X-ray unit may be lifted up high above the floor. (Examination of skull or back of the horse).Due to the four base wheels, the EQUIMOBIL is moveable within the clinic and enables X-ray exposures also in the operation room or in any other location. The X-ray unit can be lowered to floor level, so examinations of the hoof are no problem at all. The overall construction of the trolley stand makes it possible to position the X-ray unit in all directions.

Short description

è robust and flexible

è continuously adjustable in height

è brakeable base on four wheels


Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H): 132 cm x 78.5 cm x 202 cm 
Material: Corrosion resistant anodised aluminium
Max. height of spring arm 230 cm
Max. height of X-ray unit 170 cm
Min. height of X-ray unit 13.5 cm